Sunday, August 5, 2012


hahahaha, I hads fun dis week!  I redec redec changeded things. 
it was the couches fault!  It made me do it!

I didnt' get in too much trouble from Mom.  she said she still luvs me.  whew.  I have other things to redec change too. 

I tried to get the flashy box from mom so I could delete the evidence of my crimes, I mean redec change. 

Mom iz doing gud.  She said that work place is sort of better now, since there has been a change.  She doesn't have nightmares about walking in the office.  It is still stressful but not the same. 

oh did you see?  I redec redec changed how our blog looks.  I haven't gotten the perfect look yet but I am trying.  

I was here on the couch with Ellie.  She doesn't totally hate me. 

ok, so I hope you like the new blog change.

I'll see what I can do this next week. 

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