Saturday, July 7, 2012

Things I've Destroyed - by Dyson Muuuuuuuler

Hi there!!!  My name is Dyson.  I usually hear this "Dyson, what did you do THIS time?'  I don't get why the food lady says that to me but she does.  All the time.  I mean I am a good boy.  I just help out around here. 

I've lived here almost 5 months now.  I think I am home.  I sure hope so, I like it here.  I have my dad here with me and I also have 5 kitty cats to hang with.  I really like Cinco...he is just like me, little and young and we play and play and play. 

So, in the 5 months I've lived here....I've been kind of naughty according to the food lady.

I put blue ink on the carpet.  It took Mom a month to get that ink up.  hehe

I ate Mom's sandals so she had to go and buy new ones.  hehe

I've been eating the cat scratcher thingy. 

I've ripped up this wicker basket.  Mom replaced it today with a metal container.  dammit!!!!
This is Hoover's baby....I unstuffed it

Removed an arm

Another pillow
nope, I did not do this one. It happened BD Before Dyson

Yes, that is the perp.  Louie.  He broke a family heirloom (a stinking ugly thing isn't it?  The cat yes, and the vase).  It isn't really an heirloom.  But Mom's parents got it when they all went to Mexico in 1968.  So it has been around a long time.

So that is my tail till now.  I do things daily.  Today I was good.  But there is still overnight!  hehe

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