Sunday, July 1, 2012

Scardy Dogs!

We is scared of the fireworks that are going off.  Some were going off at 11 last night and they scared us.  Mom was not happy. 

So today she got us something that is LIKE thundershirts.  She said they are really expensive and that there is no way she was going spend that much money.  so instead she got us baby shirts.

We are not pleased but we wore them.  dyson bit at Mom when she was putting his on. 

Mom, please?  take the silly t-shirts off of us!

How embarrassing.

and Mom wonders WHY we do things like this................

Nope, no reason why we do this at all.  We are perfect little boys.

Hope that the fireworky things aren't that bad.  We don't know how we are going to react.  Mom is a little worried about what will happen.

mmmm, Mom's dinner smells good.  Spare ribs, smashed taters, sauerkraut and gravy and fresh sweet corn.  I hope we get some......I bet we won't even get a smidge of it.  grrrrr we will have to make Mom pay.  What will we rip up tomorrow?????

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