Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hoover's Horrible Adventures

Hi there, Hoover here!  I've had a rrrrufff week. 

I gotted hurt.  I borked my leg.  not really, not borked.  I cried cause it hurted.  That scared Mom.   So I panted too.  That scared her more.  She grabbed her purse, keys and me and took me to the emergency mean doctor lady. 

I was scareded on the way there.  I sat on Mom's lap and cried.  Mom held me and drove and told me things like it will be ok and whatever happens, she loves me.  Well, I knew she loved me. 

We went in and the mean doctor lady looked at me.  Mom was scared.  We were both real happy that it is JUST a torn ACL.  MDL gave me a shot to help with the pain and I went home and slept. 

The diaggnooossies is I have to not exercise (YIPEEEEEEEE) and lose weight (BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO).  But thankfully now I am feeling better.  whew.  I was scareded. 

I'm making sure to take it easy.  Mom won't let me jump up on things. 

Don't you want to just kiss my sweet face?  Go ahead, I'm all for it. 

I'm doing much better, I am walking a little but not going too far.

Gonna rest more.  OH and no treats.  this SUCKS!!!!

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