Sunday, June 24, 2012


Gosh darn it (sorry for swearing), it is raining outside.  We HATE rain.  It is like getting a bath.  It is YUCKY!!!!

I wonder what is in there? 
I bet it is really cool. 

See, it is a snake!!!!  it is really cool!!!

We've been doing pretty well here.  We've almost got Mom all trained.  She needs to get with it when it comes to snacks and treats.  Not so much food but more snacks and treats.    And she needs to work on keeping it from raining on us.  We used to live outside so we know what the rain is like.  we don't like it!!!!

Let me tell you, I am very happy here.  I even like the cats.  And I really love Mom.  She is a good human. 

It better stop raining soon, we wanna walkie!!!!

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  1. you boys really lucked in ! good for you and for your mom, I'm sure she is the bestest mom in Florida.