Saturday, May 26, 2012

We've been busy

Mom always wonders what she will find when she walks in the door after work.  We don't know why.

Gee, I don't know why she worries.  I mean, we just just have fun!!!  We have no idea what happened to the feather toy (Dyson), it just asploded (Dyson). 

howdy there, how YOU doin?

Ladies!!!!  I am here for your pleasure.  Sure I have no balls but I know how to be cute and loving!

So Mom cleaned today.  Vacuumed and then ran that rug cleaner thing.  She was barely done, just took the machine to the garage and someone (Dyson) pee'd on the floor.  Mom was not happy, took him over there, showed him he pee spot and said NO NO NO.  She is going to do that every time she sees him do this.  She is TIRED of it, time for him to learn. 

OK, we are gonna be good for a little while.  Sleep and snuggle with Mom.  and be good.  Or try to be good!!!!

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