Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mom's Home!!!!

No, she still has her job.  She is just taking some vacation days to get some things done and to not be at work.  Seems it really stresses her out. 

We do our best to destress her.  Like we play alot.  And when it is bedtime, we are good, we go to bed and sleep. And like now, Hoover is sitting on Mom's lap and Dyson is on the floor watching the  air conditioner guy make sure it is ready for summer.  Hoover is kind of scared and Mom is taking care of him.  Dyson just want to watch to make sure the guy doe it right! 

And all the kitties are hiding.  Robin is hanging out on the patio and Hermie, Louie and Ellie are in Mom's room with the door shut (I hope they good in there!!!)  Cinco is off visiting the mean doctor lady.  Today is his deballing.  We feel your pain Cinco, we feel your pain. 

So Mom is home for the rest of the week.  We heard something about us going to the store with her.  It is this place called Petsmart.  They let us doggies go in there, can you imagine?  We have to be on our leashes and behave but we get to go in a store!!  There are such good smells in there.  It is really fun.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

We've been busy

Mom always wonders what she will find when she walks in the door after work.  We don't know why.

Gee, I don't know why she worries.  I mean, we just just have fun!!!  We have no idea what happened to the feather toy (Dyson), it just asploded (Dyson). 

howdy there, how YOU doin?

Ladies!!!!  I am here for your pleasure.  Sure I have no balls but I know how to be cute and loving!

So Mom cleaned today.  Vacuumed and then ran that rug cleaner thing.  She was barely done, just took the machine to the garage and someone (Dyson) pee'd on the floor.  Mom was not happy, took him over there, showed him he pee spot and said NO NO NO.  She is going to do that every time she sees him do this.  She is TIRED of it, time for him to learn. 

OK, we are gonna be good for a little while.  Sleep and snuggle with Mom.  and be good.  Or try to be good!!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

We are still here, really!

Can you freaking believe it?  Another cat came into OUR house.  Actually 2 cats.  One is Tiger, who belongs to Jack and Toni.  Mom is pet sitting him while they are out of town.  He will be going home to Jack and Toni in 2 weeks, which is good.  Cause he is MEAN!  He has made each of us cry and fear him.

So, the new guy.

 Mom, really?  Do you need to keep him?  Can we just send him back outside?  Please???????

 He smells funny.  All orange like

 He smells funnier back here!!!!

And what are those big things?
See, he is mean, he scares me!

I am not going to be his friend.

Oh but I like him Mom!  He and I are gonna be besties!  Or is that Beasties?  Whatever, we will be friends. Hoover can be scared of Cinco but I like him, he can stay.  But he needs to lose the balls.

So, life over all got weirder and more crowded in the house.  Mom is still stressed.  She has started looking for another job.  We furkids are doing our best to make her feel better.  We barely let her sit down anymore.  Walkies, food, litterbox cleaning, walkies, treats.  She can't sit for long.  We won't let her.  And we won't let her think too much.

Us doggies are gonna we do anything else.  Toodles!