Saturday, April 21, 2012


We decided that the carpet color isn't right.  So we've done some painting on it!  Ink!!!  Blue Ink!!!!

The first picture is where we did some redecorating, well, Dyson did some redecorating.  The second shot is after Mom cleaned it up.  She is still cleaning it up!  hahahahaha, that will teach her.  Not sure what it will teach her but it will teach her. 

We are getting better at the potty business.  There are times were we have accidents but Mom doesn't get upset with us.  She just gets out the cleaner and cleans it up.  How cool is that? 

And we FINALLY get to be out in the whole house all day while Mom is at work!  We bark at everything.  OH and we redecorate.  We get bored.  OK, honestly, it is Dyson who is bored.  Bored, bored, bored.  So darned bored that he ate part of Mom's Birkenstock's.  yeah, she didn't yell.  but was sad.  they are good shoes.  She had to buy new ones that look darned tasty.  If only we were taller than 7 inches we might be able to get to them up on the closet shelf.  I wonder if the heathens would help us out in that respect......

mmm, those look like tasty shoes!  What?  I'm not allowed to eat them?  NOT FAIR!!!!
Like anyone would believe I was naughty.  Not at all.  (plotting my next dastardly deed.....)

We like to sit in the sun.  It feels so good on our fur. 

We are starting to really feel good here.  Mom is awesome.  We got foods and treats and loves.  And BATHES!!!!  Plus we have 4 kitties that we love.  It is amazing.  Considering our background as street dogs, we have it made.  Yup, we have it made in the shade, or sun. 

Hopefully we won't have any deeds this week.  hahahahahaha