Saturday, March 31, 2012

We are good, honest we are!

Don't listen to Ellie.  We are good boys, we really are.  No matter what she says.  We are good.

The green thing wants to be killed so we are helping.  We do that really well.

We've done a great job of making sure that Mom gets exercise.  We got her fat ass up out of bed at 6 am this morning (it is Saturday) cause we needed to potty.  Yup, Mom took us out to potty at 6 am.  But her butt is getting smaller!

After 7 weeks we have really adjusted.  We have Mom well trained to spoil us.  We sleep on the bed with her and Ellie.  Dyson growls when Mom tries to move him at night.  He NO LIKIE THAT!!!  (I think he has issues with anything at idea what his life was like before Brenda and her friends rescued him in Savannah....but thankfully he will never know fear again)

Well, there may be fear.  We are coming up on storm season....guess who doesn't like thunder and will start barking when he hears it.  Yup.  Dyson the Destroyer!!!!

Over all, this is a really good place.  We gots kitties to play with.  We really like Ellie.  She only gets angry at us on occasion.  Robin hates us and still hisses and spits at us.  Oh well.  he may like us someday.  Louie and Hermie are really adjusted to us.  Hermie plays with us a lot.  Louie, well, Louie is a bit of a wuss.  But we will all get there.  I know we all want to make Mom happy.  She is a pretty nice human.

She told us that we are going to get to be out in the whole house soon when she goes to that place that isn't very fun (something called 'work').  We are not sure if we will be good or not....what do you think?

Well, we better get in and take a nap.  We have to wake Mom up at 5:30 tomorrow morning.  Just for kicks!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Needy and Naughty

Yup, we are needy and naughty.

We went with Mom and Ellie to the mean doctor lady today.  We got our nails trimmed.  And you know what?    They all thought we were cute.  Even the mean doctor lady said 'they are so cute, I don't do cute but they are so darned cute'.

While we were there, Mom commented on how Hoover was off his morning food a couple of times this week.  The vet said 'he is having some anxiety.'  She saw how Hoover was watching Mom...didn't want Mom out of his sight.  Yup, Hoover is needy.  Mom isn't real sure what his life was like before Miss Brenda rescued him but it must have been not so nice.  Now of course it is the best.

We are both doing really well.  Working hard at the going potty outside thing.  It can get tough on us but we are trying.  We take Mom out for lots of walks.  She needs it, she is kind of fat (hey!!!!)  We like going out for walks when the sun is up but not in the dark, that is scary.  We like to smell all the pee mail and bark at all the doggies and people we see.  We got to meet Bella last week, she was nice.

Now for a few pictures of us.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

We Are Poop Machines!

Yup, we are.  We have been pretty good about going potty outside.  Yes, we have issues at times but we are doing better about outside.  When Mom gets home from that place called 'work', we go for a walkie and do our business outside.  Mom likes that we do this and we hear 'good boys'.  And Mom needs some walkies, she has a big butt so she says. 

We tore up the pee pads in the bathroom on Thursday and Friday.....We was bored!  Mom just cleaned it up for us.  We WILL be doing that again.  It was awesomely fun!

Mom got her hair cut and colored yesterday so she let us stay OUT of the bathroom for almost 3 hours on our own!  Did we destroy anything?  Guess.....nope, we were very good.  Mom was pleased.  We didn't even potty in the house. 

And Mom's hair looks good. 

No, that isn't Mom's hair.  That is Hermie.  He is friends with Dyson.  They touch noses.  And then Dyson chases him! 
Hoover...he is psychedelic!

Mom keeps wearing us out.  She makes us take lots of walks.  We get TIRED but it is fun, lots of things to sniff. 

We are napping now.    Gotta get the snoozes in while we can!

Saturday, March 3, 2012


WE LOVE THEM!!!  A lot.  We fight over them.  We deliver them to Mom.  And we fight over them.  Then we do this:

Mom left us alone and out of the bathroom for 2 hours while she ran something called 'errands'.  We did this!  It was fun!  And even better, Mom didn't yell at us.  I guess we need to do this all the time.

Mom took a nap today.  She doesn't do that very often.  We helped her nap....for 3 hours!  SOOOO there is a reason Mom napped.  She woke up at 12:30 am from a nightmare, then Dyson went in the front room and barked (like there was something there).  Nothing there.  Then we doggies got into an argument on the bed.  Mom was very upset.  We finally let her go to sleep again after 1 am but she woke up at 5 am like usual.  Yes, Mom was tired.  So a nap was seriously needed.  We think she feels better now but who knows.

And we did something awesome today!!  Both of us!!!  We went poo and pee outside on our afternoon walkie!  We got 'GOOD BOYS' out of Mom.  Not sure what that is but it sounded nice.

Life is good here.  We got good foods.  Kibble.  And today Mom added GREEN BEANS!  people foods!  The best ever!  (The barkers vet suggested adding green beans to their dinner, she said that since they were former street dogs, they wouldn't turn their noses up at it and it would fill them up without adding more kibble calories.  She was right, they loved the green beans.  I will have to buy more, just like I did with Wraggs)

We hope we get to stay out of the bathroom this week when Mom goes to work.  But probably won't after today's incident.  hehe

Toodles from us!