Saturday, February 25, 2012


We had BAFFS today.  Mom put us in the sink and got us wet and then put soap on and rubbed.  and then put MORE water on us.  Then she wrapped us in towels and said we were good boys.  It all felt pretty good!

And we are getting better about potty trips.  Today we both peed on a light pole!  whoohoo!!!!  And Dyson even walked this time (usually he wants Mom to carry him).  Hoover has been really good about potty trips.  He has poo'd and peed outside and gotten so many 'good boy' from me. 

And we still get to sleep with Mom.  Wish she wouldn't toss and turn.  It really disturbs our sleep.  We do our best to get her to sleep.  But she isn't so excited when we crowd her out of the bed. 

This morning we got her up at 6 to potty.  We had to GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  It was dark but we went out. 

Dyson is starting to walk more.  He really wants to have Hoover next to him.  I think Hoover is his comforter.  I'm really glad they have each other.

Today I was in my office and I hear them running....up and down the hall, into the front room.  Just them.  They were having fun.  I love that. 

Mom...our blog.  hush!

Mom and Hoover.  Seems she might just love Hoover

 Oh look, she loves Dyson too!!!

We had our picture taken with Mom.  We like her!

Someone photo shopped this picture.  We don't know what that is but we are both scared about the kitties being back there!!!!

Robin has started hissing and swatting and scaring the crap out of Hoover and Dyson.  He doesn't hurt them, he just scares them. 

We are going to continue with being good boys.  We want to make Mom happy.  Something tells us she needs it. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

Big Boys Now!

We are big boys now.  We have been pretty good about the potty training.  So Mom is trusting us more and more.  And we aren't chasing the kitties so much and that means we are doing really well. 





We are now allowed to sleep with Mom!  And Ellie isn't upset.  This worried Mom a lot.  She was afraid that Ellie would be so upset that we came in the house and she would have regrets.  Nope, no regrets.  We are all good.  Ellie is even more outgoing since we arrived. 

We haven't had a bath yet from Mom.  She says it will happen on Saturday.  What is a bath?  I hope it is something like kibble.  We would LOVE some human food but Mom says no.  Darn it, that is what we used to eat! 

Dyson loves mom

I think Mom loves Dyson too

Hoover and much love!

Mom and us boys.  We like it here.  She is really nice to us.  She'll carry Dyson on walks cause he is ascared.  Not me (Hoover), I'm  a brave boy.  I was on my own for a long time so I know how the mean streets are.  I don't think our street is mean though.  It seems pretty nice to me. 

They are doing really well.  Hoover is better at the potty training that Dyson.  There are still accidents.  Today when I ran errands I left them out.  I wanted to see how they would do, I was only gone 2 hours.  They did pretty well.  Only one thing destroyed.  It HAD feathers.  Dyson LOVES the cat toys and wants to eat feathers.  But they didn't do anything bad.  I'm torn about leaving them out while I go to work tomorrow.  I think some more time in my bathroom while I am gone for 8 hours will be good, at least for now.  Maybe in a couple of weeks, when I feel more comfortable that they are fine, I can the let them be out all day.  They are fine in there.  I turn on the radio to easy listening music, they have water, beds, toys, potty pads. 

Mom, stop it.  You are embarrassing us!  We is big boys now!!!!

Well, we are going to bark at kids as they walk by the house.  It is awesome to do!

Friday, February 17, 2012


Did you know there are kitties in this house?  FOUR OF THEM!  And we get to chase them! Except for the girl kitty.  Mom says no to that, that the girl kitty is a princess and is to be revered.  Gots no idea what that is but it sounds kinda dirty! 

Last night that mean calico kitty ELLIE smacked Hoover on the nose when he got to fresh with her.  She was MEAN!  We will not to mess with her   But that leaves 3 other kitties!

The gray and white kitty meows a lot.  He says he hates us.  And keeps asking Mom to get rid of us.  Mom said nope, that we are here forever.  Just like the gray and white kitty.  Gray and white kitty says his name is Robin.  He told us that he used to be outside and on his own like we were and then some grandmas saved him and Mom adopted him from them.  Robin also told us that it is nice here.  Safe.  Good noms. 

We LOVE chasing Louie.  He is such a woose!  He is scared of us.  US!  He is bigger than the two of us together but he doesn't know it and is scared.  Mom told him to smack us.  Yeah, good idea there chick.  He spends a lot of time up on the shelf above the fridge or on the dryer in the laundry room.  Out of our short little reach.

And Hermie is friendlier with us.  He has no problem when Dyson wants to play.  Except today Mom was watching and both of us went after him.  We tried to corner him.  Mom was FURIOUS!!!!  We got yelled and and she slapped the floor and said 'NO!'  We were naughty.  This is what we did on the street.  It will take time for us to learn to not chase kitties.  We will get there. 

It is nap time here.  Both of us are on couch, sort of.  We are on pillows that are on the arm of the couch.   We look so cute. 

We are doing well with potty business.  We both peed outside!  Mom was pleased.  We didn't poo though....we wanted breakfast so we came home.  Mom has to carry Dyson cause he is a chicken shit.  After breakfast Mom should have paid attention.  We needed to potty so we did....oh well, Mom just cleaned it up.  We are learning.  It takes time. 

Dyson here....I'm a cutie.  Mom was looking at me and wondering if there is some Miniature Pinscher in me.  Whatever it is, I am a cutie!

Hoover.......who now lives the good life.  Noms, love, warm one being mean to him.  Has been a rough life till he found himself in the kind arms of his rescuer.  And ultimately to Andi 

I hope the boys know this is their forever home.  This is the safe place.  Not out in the weather.  Snuggles and lots of love.  And some kitties that the will become friends with.  I have no doubt that cats and dogs can be friends.  I would like it if the heathens would turn around and smack the dogs when they get too close.  OK, I want Louie to do it!  Hermie has.   Ellie has.  Robin is the hisser.  Louie needs to man up and smack some dog butt! 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Name Change

We went to the mean doctor lady today.  Yeah, Ellie is right.  MEAN!  She poked things up our butts.  And cleaned wax out of our ears.  MEAN! 

Mom said the names we had weren't right.  They don't fit our personalities.  Good.  I hope the new names are better.

Hoover - used to be Mikey and Rocky.  Hoover is better.  they are good at getting things up off the floor. 

Dyson - used to be Murray and Roscoe.  Dyson fits.  They are the more modern version of the Hoover and still do a good job of cleaning up floors. 

We've been doing pretty good with the potty thing.  There was only one accident in the house yesterday.  When Mom came home she took us out to potty and we went!  And we spent the whole day in her bathroom and didn't poop or pee!  We were very good.  And this morning when we got up she took us outside right away and we both peed.  We got good boys out of her.  Yup, that is good!  And later Hoover did poo outside! 

Mom took some time off to spend with us and bond.  That is good.  We need to bond with her.  She needs to know how much we love her. 
Dyson with the big ears, Hoover who wears red.

Dyson still has some baby teeth and has found all sorts of things to chew on.  Cat toys.   A rawhide that the heathens liked (leftover from Wraggs days), emery board.  Mom. 

I wonder if these babies can fly.....

Hoover has seen much in his short life.  Now he is on easy street.  Hey, get your mind out of the gutter!

Seems folks want to know how small the barkers are.  Dyson.  In a small dog bed.  Hoover is just a touch bigger.

hahaha, this is what happens when we barkers chase heathens!  They went up way high where we couldn't get them

who could I scare?  other than heathens and some guy out running.  Oh and SOME GUY OUT RUNNING!!  Mom still giggles at that one. 

Well, it has been an exciting day for us.  We need to nap so we can snuggle Mom later.  And tick off Ellie.  and chase heathens!   

Sunday, February 12, 2012

We Have a FOREVER HOME!!!!

We got to this house where the Andi lady lives last night.  Aunt Brenda drove all day to deliver us to Andi.  Brenda sang to us most of the way to Florida. 

When we got here we didn't get to in the house right away.  Something about Aunt Brenda wanting to meet Ellie.  WE DIDN'T MEET ELLIE!  What is an Ellie?  Seems everyone wants to meet Ellie, she must be really special. 

Then Aunt Brenda and our New Mommy came out to the car and got us.  YIPEEEEEE!!! 

We were saved from a life on the streets by Brenda and her friends in Savannah Georgia.  We were living outside, roaming.  People were mean to us.  US.  We lived out there all the time.  In the heat and the cold.  That is no way for sweet little doggies and kitties to live.  So Brenda and her friends rescued us.  Brenda posted our pictures on this thing called FaceBook and our new Mom saw our picture and said 'I would take them if I lived closer'.  Brenda said she would deliver them to Mom and she did!  But before she could do that she had us TUTORED (we lost our balls), we got shots and tested for heart worms and we got micro chipped.  And we came thru like troopers.  And then we spent 2 more weeks with Brenda.  She was falling in love with us but knew that Mom wanted us and would give us a really awesome forever home. 

And here we are.

So far we've snuggled, looked at the backyard, peed on the floor (and Mom didn't get mad!)   We've met Louie and Hermie and Robin but not the elusive Ellie, yet

Robin hissed at us.  He isn't that excited to see us but Mom says he will get used to us.  Seems Robin used to live outside too.  He knows what it is like to have people be mean to him.  Sounds like Robin will be our friend.

Louie got all poofy and scared.  He ran in the heathen room and didn't want to come out.  Especially this morning when we got up.  He stood in the hall and looked at us.  And walked out real careful like. 

Hermie was braver.  He walked out in the room with us and of us (Murray) ran after him.  Hermie got scared. 

We are doing pretty well.  Yeah, we peed and pooped in the wrong place but Mom didn't get angry.  She took us out in the backyard this morning but neither of us would potty out there.  It was COLD!

BUT, we are learning.  Mom took us out the front door on our leashes, how exciting!  We saw a little girl across the street and barked at her.  Mom told her and her dad that in a few weeks we will get to meet her!  Then we came in and watched Mom eat lunch.....  Just a little bit ago Mom took us out again.  And both of us PEED outside!  Mom said 'Good Boys'.  We are pretty sure that is a good thing. 

We just met Toni from across the street and her friend Eileen.  Mikey growled when Toni got fresh with him (she tried to look at his teeth).  no no no.  Things were fine by the time they left. 

It has been an exciting few weeks for us.  Now we are going to settle into our forever home with the lady Andi and the kitties. 

Mikey, being cute

Murray and his ears....guarding one of the  many new babies that the boys got.

It will be quite a journey for us.  I hope you enjoy the tail!